Custom uniform design and manufacturing
for the beauty and cosmetic industry.

Global Sourcing

Lady Brass Company sources fabric throughout the world, purchasing fabrics from US based companies as well as Central America, China and even hand woven goods from tribes deep in the Amazon.

Lady Brass has been a leader in the industry when it comes to research and development, working with mills in developing proprietary finishes. We were the first in the industry to utilize nanotechnologies on our uniform fabrics, prolonging the life cycle of the uniform. Our expertise in fabric development and selection translates into costs savings for our clients.

We also carefully select our hardware from around the world to fulfill specific client needs. We utilize our global resources to stay on the cutting edge of new product developments and design.


Lady Brass Company has built strategic partnerships with tier one ISO certified factories through out the world. Our main interests are in Asia, Central America and the US. Our global network gives us a competitive edge in the market place.

Domestic Manufacturing Capabilities:
Lady Brass Company has been a U.S. manufacturer since 1983, with factories in New York and the Carolinas. Our local manufacturing allows us to turn samples quickly and produce small orders in quick turn response.

Our quality control procedures ensure hi-end results in all aspects of our production.